(When God Promised)

“Glen is a man of faith who refuses to settle for anything less than Cod’s best. He writes from a position of authority combining both personal experience with Cod’s Word.”
– John Bevere

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Pastor Glen Berteau approaches life-altering events with firsthand insight. In the parking lot outside his church, soon after writing this book, he suffered cardiac arrest and died. Following the lack of oxygen and trauma to his body from the repeated electric shocks that revived him, his chance of survival was extremely slim. For five days his family and friends refused the devastating prognosis .. and prayed the way he had taught them to pray.

Now, walking out his miracle, Pastor Glen wants to help other believers understand the power we have in the spirit realm to command mountains to move. 

Do you struggle to know if it is God’s will to heal? Let Pastor Glen share his gripping story with you as he counters seventeen hindrances to prayer for healing – and many powerful healing scriptures and declarations. With the signposts presented here, you can rise up in your God-giving authority and declare, “Devil, your requests has been denied.”


Two common questions generally rise to the surface for those seeking healing: Is it God’s will to heal? And is it God’s will to heal me? From his personal story of suffering with coronary artery disease, to the loss of his sister to cancer, and his daughter’s diagnosis of arthritis at a young age, Pastor Glen Berteau approaches these life-altering events with firsthand insight and revelation. He explains how, even in the most challenging circumstances, God can turn the worst into the best and use it all for our good.

The chapters in this book also include:

• Is healing God’s will?
• Seventeen hindrances to prayer for healing
• Healing Scriptures and Declarations
• Pastor Glen’s gripping resurrection story


“Why Am I Not Healed? Is for anyone who wants to know if Cod is still in the business of Healing. Like an expert physician, Glen peels back the layers to reveal healing is much more than physical restorations – It’s about our relationship with Cod.”
– Samuel Rodriguez